How To Notify Cigna If Your Practice Is Not Accepting New Patients

In order to avoid confusion and unnecessary referrals, please remember to inform Cigna if your practice is not currently accepting new patients. You can notify us by visiting

  • Click on "Providers"
  • Click on "Login to access secure applications"
  • Login using your ID and password
  • Click on "Online Tools & Resources"
  • Click on "Profile Update Form"
  • Update the information and click the "submit" button

If you are not registered for online use, or if you are already registered but have forgotten your password, call 800.926.2273 for assistance.

Please note that the date at which you will no longer be accepting new patients cannot be more than 90 days in the future. If a care manager contacts you about a possible appointment, please inform them of your unavailability so we may update our records.

For practices that are accepting new patients, but only at a subset of service locations, please contact the Provider Service Center at 800.926.2273.